Biotech Studies 2015, Vol 24, Num, 1     (Pages: 024-029)

Evaluation of Some Technological Quality Parameters of Advanced Bread Wheat Lines

Yaşar KARADUMAN ,Arzu AKIN ,Serap TÜRKÖLMEZ ,Zafer Şaban TUNCA ,Savaş BELEN ,Mustafa ÇAKMAK ,Soner YÜKSEL

1 Geçit Kuşağı Tarımsal Araştırma Enstitüsü Müdürlüğü Eskişehir - This study was done to determine technological quality parameters of bread wheat (Tiriticum aestivum) lines in regional yield trial supplied from 5 trials in 3 locations conducted on Transitional Zone Agricultural Research Institute (TZARI) in ecological conditions of 2013-14 year. In the study lines were evaluated in terms of physical characteristics, protein amount and quality and gluten rheological parameters. According to results of study the lines 21,16 and 22 had high quality values. Although the lines 2 and 4 had good quality values it was obtained lower physical quality parameters. Some lines were put to regional yield trial to evaluate again and all lines were sent to quality observation nursery to use in crossing studies. In the study according to GGE biplot analysis there were close relationship between gluten rheological parameters. Also it was close relationship between protein content and protein quality parameters. Keywords : Wheat, quality, breeding, gluten, glutopeak