Biotech Studies 2016, Vol 25, Num, 1     (Pages: 088-099)

Problems Regarding Conservation and Sustainable Use of Turkey's Plant Biodiversity and Proposed Solutions

Alptekin KARAGÖZ 1 ,Kürşad ÖZBEK 2 ,Nurgül SARI 2

1 Aksaray Üniversitesi, Aksaray Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, Aksaray
2 Tarla Bitkileri Merkez Araştırma Enstitüsü Müdürlüğü, Ankara
DOI : 10.21566/tbmaed.91136 - Aim of this research was to determine the challenges and solutions to the existing problems of plant genetic resources in Turkey. For this purpose, 2 days meetings were organized in Ankara twice, with participation of total 120 experts. Expert opinions on challenges and likely solutions were identified and the listed matters were analysed by means of Analytic Hierarchy Process to determine the magnitude of each factor on the problems and the solutions. As a result, most important problems and likely solutions were listed with priority rankings. First five prior problems were listed as the following; land degradation, inadequacy of legislative arrangements; lack of proper planning; over harvesting from nature; and lack of capacities. Suggested remedies for `land degradation` were enacting legislation against misuse of lands and the consideration of biodiversity in investments. Regarding the `legislative arrangements`, priority was given to research permits given by the government bodies. The researchers demand `researcher`s identity cards` to replace research permits that are given by several government bodies, and they wish to have legal arrangements, in favour of local researchers for collecting activities. Regarding the `environmental planning`, they wish the plans to be in harmony with National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, and effective use of resources. Concerning `over harvesting from nature`, the experts offered widespread quota application on plants similar to that of for bulb plants, and field cultivation of wild plants. Regarding `institutional capacity gaps`, the experts recommend strong collaboration between institutions, and establishment of a Plant Genetic Resources Institute. Keywords : Turkey, plant biodiversity, challenges, remedies, AHP