Biotech Studies 2012, Vol 20, Num, 1     (Pages: 016-021)

The Identification of Similar Ecological Areas in Accordance with Climatic and Topographical Factors for Pasture Vegetation Studies

Murat Güven TUĞAÇ 1 ,Harun TORUNLAR 1 ,Arife AVAĞ 2

1 Tarla Bitkileri Merkez Araştırma Enstitüsü, Ankara
2 Tarımsal Araştırmalar ve Politikalar Genel Müdürlüğü Tarla Bitkileri Dairesi Başkanlığı, Ankara
Viewed : 1007 - Downloaded : 1000 Ecological factors such as primarily climate, topography and soil has a great influence on the diversity, performance and quality of vegetation. In this respect, the field of study was divided into similar ecological areas by utilizing altitude, aspect, and aridty index parameters to conduct pasture vegetation studies properly. Some climatical parameters such as precipitation, temperature, relative humidity, light exposure, wind speed and evapotranspiration ,calculated in accordance with Penman-Monteith method, which were obtained from 264 weather station, were used in this study. Surface dispersion maps of climate parameters were composed by using Anuspline method. Aridty index was calculated using long years total annual precipitation and evaporation values, and re-classified into three groups. Using SRTM digital land model, elevation groups and aspect of the study area were generated. Elevation differences were grouped into four groups and aspect were reclassified into three groups. Aridty index layers and topographic layers were combined and 27 ecological areas were obtained. Keywords : Ecological zoning, aridity index, aspect, elevation