Biotech Studies 2008, Vol 17, Num, 1-2

Impact of Seed Applications (Priming) of Fatty Acid Composition of Seed and Seed Quality and Its Relations

Gamze KAYA

1 Tarla Bitkileri Merkez Araştırma Enstitüsü, Yenimahalle- Ankara - The most important factors affecting seed quality are the nutritional status of main plant before harvest, harvest period and the pathogenic effects and mechanical damage during harvest, and post-harvest storage conditions (storage temperature, seed moisture, oxygen). In addition, the seed quality depends on seed purity, vitality, strength, moisture content and genetic characteristics. The seed quality is significantly changed by oil content and fatty acid distribution of seeds. Various pre-sowing seed treatments to minimize germination and emergence problems are referred with different names such as `Priming, seed treatments, pre-sowing treatments`. The viability of the seeds is significantly affected with the seed treatments, and the chemicals used in seed treatment, duration of treatment. In this study, the researches on variation of seed fatty acid composition with seed treatments and seed quality have been evaluated. Keywords : Priming, fatty acids, seed quality