Biotech Studies 2011, Vol 20, Num, 1     (Pages: 015-021)

Determination of Plant Regeneration Response of Winter Bread Wheat F2 Population under Anther Culture

Ayten SALANTUR 1 ,Selami YAZAR 1 ,Emin DÖNMEZ 1 ,Taner AKAR 1

1 Tarla Bitkileri Merkez Araştırma Enstitüsü, Yenimahalle-Ankara - This study was carried out to determine plant regeneration response of some winter bread wheat F2 population under anther culture conditions. This research was conducted in 2008-2009 cultivation season in Central Research for Field Crops` Biotechnology Laboratory and 21 F2 populations was used as plant material. Callus + embriyoid number, albino plant number, green plant number, sterile plant number, doubling index and success (final success) index per 100 anther criteria were examined in this study. Results showed that 15 populations produced DH plants while 4 populations produced only callus and 2 populations negatively responded to anther culture. Response of each F2 bread wheat population to DH plant regeneration was completely different based on preliminary data. F2-804, 1025, 1037 and 863 population more positively responded than others to anther culture. Seeds of the 15 DH populations were planted into field in order to use in wheat breeding program. Keywords : Bread wheat, anther culture, plant regeneration