Biotech Studies 2015, Vol 24, Num, 1     (Pages: 075-078)

Seedling Response of Two Barley Cultivars and Gamma Ray-Induced Advanced Barley Lines to Rhynchosporium commune

Mohammad Reza Azamparsa 1 ,Aziz Karakaya 1 ,Zafer Mert 2 ,Gülizar Aydın 3 ,Hayrettin Peşkircioğlu 3 ,Emine Seçer 3 ,Dilan Özmen 3 ,İhsan Tutluer 3 ,Zafer Sağel 3

1 Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Plant Protection, Ankara, Turkey
2 Central Research Institute for Field Crops, Yenimahalle, Ankara, Turkey
3 Turkish Atomic Energy Authority, Sarayköy Nuclear Research and Training C., Ankara, Turkey
- Barley scald caused by Rhynchosporium commune is an important disease of barley (Hordeum vulgare). Barley mutants could be used for enhancing genetic diversity in barley. In this study, barley cultivar Tokak 157/37 was subjected to gamma irradiation using Cobalt- 60 as the radiation source and mutant barleys were obtained. Under greenhouse conditions, twenty-five advanced mutant barley lines (M8 generation) and two barley cultivars (Tokak 157/37 and Bülbül 89) were tested for their resistance status to 3 Rhynchosporium commune single spore isolates obtained from Gaziantep, Eskişehir and Manisa provinces of Turkey. For evaluation of the lines and cultivars a 0-4 scale was used. Response of lines to isolates ranged between highly resistant and highly susceptible. Isolate obtained from Gaziantep was the most virulent followed by isolates obtained from Manisa and Eskişehir. Mutant barley line # 20 showed a resistant reaction to Gaziantep isolate. Mutant barley lines # 7, 13, 20, 21, 23 and 25 showed a highly resistant reaction to Eskişehir isolate and line #16 showed a resistant reaction to this isolate. Lines # 7 and 25 exhibited resistant and intermediate reactions to Manisa isolate, respectively. The other mutant barley lines showed susceptible and highly susceptile reactions to isolates. Barley cultivars Tokak 157/37 and Bülbül 89 exhibited highly susceptible reactions to all 3 isolates. Keywords : Rhynchosporium commune, Hordeum vulgare, disease resistance, mutant barley lines, Cobalt-60 irradiation