Biotech Studies 2016, Vol 25, Num, 1     (Pages: 048-057)

Rangeland Condition, Health and Biodiversity Assessments for Two Rangeland Vegetations in the Central Anatolia Region

Sabahaddin ÜNAL ,Ali MERMER ,Hakan YILDIZ ,Ziya MUTLU

1 Central Research Institute for Field Crops, Ankara, Türkiye DOI : 10.21566/tbmaed.57008 - Improvement and management of rangelands are highly important to sustain and maintain for nowadays and next generations. The first step in vegetation studies is to determine its current vegetation status. For this reason vegetation surveys were performed on the rangelands of Kırıkkale-Akçaağaç village and SivasÇelebiler village in 2008. A modified wheel point method was used for vegetation survey. The results of research indicated that vegetation cover and bare ground were found as 47.10% and 52.90%; 69.43% and 30.57% in Akçakavak (21 survey sites) and Çelebiler (22 survey sites), respectively. The rangeland health class was found unhealthy and risky for rangeland in Akçakavak and Çelebiler, respectively. The 73 species in Akçakavak and 179 species in Çelebiler were counted on rangeland vegetation community. Desired plant species were also found in a satisfactory level for rehabilitation of rangelands. Simpsons` index of diversity was calculated to evaluate biological diversity of rangelands vegetation. Vegetation biodiversity was higher in rangelands of Çelebiler than that of Akçakavak. As a results it is suggested that proper management and improvement techniques should be conducted for both village rangelands. Keywords : Rangeland health, Simpsons` index, biodiversity