Biotech Studies 2016, Vol 25, Num, 1     (Pages: 123-128)

The Adaptation of Some Rice Genotypes to Thrace Conditions and Their Stability Parameters for Some Traits in Turkey

Halil SÜREK ,Turhan KAHRAMAN ,Rasim ÜNAN

1 Trakya Tarımsal Araştırma Enstitüsü, Edirne DOI : 10.21566/tarbitderg.280300 - The objectives of this study were to determine the performance of some rice genotypes and their stability parameters for some traits in the different locations under Thrace part of Turkey. Fourteen rice genotypes were used in this research. These genotypes were tested in the randomized complete block design with three replications in the three locations, such as the centre and İpsala towns of Edirne and Hayrabolu town of Tekirdağ provinces in Thrace region of Turkey. The genotypes were examined in terms of rough rice yield, 1000 grain weight of paddy and milled grains, total milled rice percentage and head rice percentage. The statically important differences were determined among the genotypes for these traits. At the same time, the results of combined analysis of variance (ANOVA) revealed GenotypexEnvironment interactions for the examined characters of different genotypes. According to the stability parameter analysis, the genotypes, TR-2296, TR-2241, TR-2337, and TR-2340 for rough rice yield, TR-2305 for head rice yield percentage, TR- 2271, TR-2340, and TR-2302 for 1000 grain weight were suitable for all environments, respectively. Whereas, some genotypes had better performance in better environments and some of them in poor environments. TR-2340 was the most suitable genotype for all environments in terms of the examined traits. Keywords : Rice (Oryza sativa L.), rice genotype, genotypexenvironment interaction, stability