Biotech Studies     (Pages: 053-060)

In food safety control overview of using Real-Time PCR

Erdem Artuvan 1 ,Salih Aksay 2

1 Mersin Food Control Laboratory Directorate, 33140, Yenişehir, Mersin, Turkey
2 Department of Food Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Mersin University, 33343, Çiftlikköy, Mersin, Turkey
DOI : 10.38042/biotechstudies.1159145 - The identity-determining importance of nucleic acids in living beings is a guide for reaching the desired information about food in quality control analyzes. With these goals, the popularity of Real-time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) methods, which are one of the nucleic acid-based methods, is rapidly increasing due to their high reproducibility, precision and fast result production. It is thought that informative studies about the analysis using the device will provide a basis for researches on the subject. This review contains information about the studies conducted on Real-Time PCR analysis used to detect imitation/adulteration and cheating in foods. General descriptions about the operation of the Real-Time PCR methods are given. The quality control analyzes in which the method was used were classified and explanations were made about each analysis area and examples from the studies in the literature were given. Keywords : Real-Time PCR Food quality Adulteration Nucleic acid