Biotech Studies 2017, Vol 26, Num, 3     (Pages: 161-168)

Determination of the Yield and Quality Characteristics of Promising Silage Hybrid Maize Varieties Obtained From Inbred Lines

Erkan ÖZATA 1 ,Halil KAPAR 1

1 Karadeniz Tarımsal Araştırma Enstitüsü, Samsun DOI : 10.21566/tarbitderg.359446 - This research was carried out with 19 candidate species and 4 standard varieties in 2013, and 9 candidates and 4 standards in 2014 in order to determine silage yield and quality characteristics of some single hybrid candidates, and it was performed according to randomized block design techniques. The green biomass yield was ranged between 3512 and 6128 kg da-1, in the first year 3241 and 7164 kg da-1 in the second year. The dry matter was ranged between 1460 and 2528 kg da-1 in the first year and in the second year 1083 and 2607 kg da-1. The quality characteristics of variety candidates and varieties used in the experiment were determined by weight basis, ADF (%), NDF (%) and crude protein ratio (%). Following results were recorded respectively: in first year 32.5%, 51.6% and 6.08% and in the second year 30.2%, 52.0% and 6.08%. Similar results were obtained for the content of mineral matter in dry matter (% change by weight basis) Ca, K, Mg and P ratio in both years. As a result of the experiment, 3 types of candidates (SASA-40, TTM2012-11 and TTM2012-21) were found over the average regarding the standards, and sent to the National Silage corn breeding project to be tested in multiple locations. SASA-40 was prominent regarding it is green and dry herb yield and registered as a cultivar. Keywords : Maize, forage yield, quality, mineral matter