Biotech Studies 2014, Vol 23, Num, 2     (Pages: 056-068)

Effect on Some Characteristics of M2 Generation of Three Hungarian Vetch (Vicia pannonica Crantz.) The Application of Different Doses of Gamma Irradiation

Muhittin BAĞCI 1 ,Hüseyin MUTLU 2

1 Tohumluk Tescil ve Sertifikasyon Müdürlüğü, Ankara
2 T.C. Gıda, Tarım ve Hayvancılık Bakanlığı Bitkisel Üretim Genel Müdürlüğü, Ankara
Viewed : 461 - Downloaded : 305 This study covers M2 generation of the mutation breeding Project with practice of gamma irradiation on Hungarian vetch (Vicia pannonica Crantz.). The study was counducted, with the purpose of determine and contrast control dose have effects on some properties of vegetational. In the study, M1 plant seeds of three Hungarian vetch cultivars (Tarmbeyazı-98, Anadolupembesi-2002 and Oğuz-2002) were planted. It was examined that morphological, biological and agricultural characteristics obtained M2 plants. In this study, which Ankara/Haymana in the conditions was counducted, in 2011; emergence rate, flowering period, langht of main branche, plant height, number of main branches per plant, thickness of main stem, number of pods per plant, height of pod and number of seeds per pod were recorded. The results of the study showed that were important of differentiation in the application of gamma irradiation by 80 and 100 Gy doses of gamma rays in M2 generation, emergence rate, plant height, height of main stem, number of main branches per plant, number of pods per plant and number of seeds per pod. Keywords : Hungarian vetch, gamma irradiation, M2 plants, agricultural characteristics